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Growing up as a Navy brat with a unique brain condition, Seth Walker always felt like an outsider, even when successfully climbing the corporate ladder in his first career as an electrical engineer. Once he became a federal air marshal, Walker flew alone, nothing to trust beyond his own ingenuity and the Sig Sauer 229 on his hip. Now relegated to a new role as an airborne investigator after his covert status was compromised, he must map out an uncertain future even as his cases force him to confront the dark reasons he abandoned his former life.


Seth Walker Book 1

A cakewalk. That’s what air marshal Seth Walker’s boss calls Seth’s first assignment back on the job.

In his new role as “investigator/liaison to law enforcement,” Seth will simply retrieve teen singing sensation (and renowned diva) Max Magic from the FBI at JFK, baby-sit her on a cross-country hop, and return her to the Bureau at LAX. It’s precisely the kind of routine flight Seth’s taken hundreds, if not thousands, of times. And routine is good: still reeling from a case that nearly killed him, Seth’s not sure he’s ready for much more.

Other than the pop princess’s salty attitude, the trip goes smoothly. Until an SUV full of strangely tattooed gunmen pulls up at the curb and unleashes a barrage of machine-gun fire, decimating the FBI detail and sending Seth and Max running for their lives.

When a second attack strikes their hiding place that night, a wounded Seth realizes that Max and he have been betrayed and must TAKE OFF.

But how do you safeguard a star who’s recognized by millions yet unwilling to protect herself? Unable to trust his federal colleagues, Seth must keep Max moving while working to identify the mysterious enemy targeting them. As they race to remain one step ahead of their pursuers, the key to it all—and biggest danger to them both—might just be the dark secrets Max herself is keeping.

Praise for Takeoff

“Joseph Reid’s novel Takeoff is aptly named. This fast-paced novel takes off with a bang, and only gains speed from there. Reid writes like a seasoned pro, and yet this is his first novel. I am looking forward to more.”
—Alan Russell, bestselling author of Burning Man
Takeoff is a blast. From the first explosive scene to the last page, this story pins you to your seat and never lets you go. Seth Walker, the hero of this riveting tale, is a man worthy of many books.”
—James W. Hall, Shamus and Edgar® Award–winning author
“Fast paced and adrenaline filled, Takeoff is a wild ride that never lets up for a single moment. A thrilling debut by a terrific new storyteller.”
—Chad Zunker, Kindle bestselling author of The Tracker
“Joseph Reid is a blazing new talent in the action-thriller arena. Takeoff does exactly that from page one, and it doesn’t land until the end. You’ll be breathless!”
—Raymond Benson, bestselling author of In the Hush of the Night
False Horizon by Joseph Reid

Thomas & Mercer, ASIN: B07CRJ2XLQ

False Horizon

Seth Walker Book 2

A commuter flight has fallen from clear skies over West Virginia, its wing sheared off at twenty thousand feet. Air marshal Seth Walker is called to the mountains of Appalachia to investigate. But what he stumbles into is a ground war as unpredictable and combustible as a mason jar full of nitroglycerin.

Before he can even start searching for what might have downed the plane, Walker finds himself caught in the confounding—and deadly—cross fire between drone-deploying ecoterrorists, unstable frackers, ruthless drug smugglers, and armed miners pushed to the breaking point.

The escalating mystery takes a personal turn as Seth gets closer to the truth about the money, power, and politics motivating everyone involved—including those Seth believed he could trust. Can he dodge the danger lurking in every hill and holler long enough to discover what may be the biggest threat of all?

Featured on The Real Book Spy’s Summer Reading List and June Reads

Praise for False Horizon

“[A] strong sequel… An exciting final battle, plenty of technical details, quirky characters, and the West Virginia setting all add up to a riveting, fast-moving thriller. Readers will look forward to Seth’s further adventures.”
Publishers Weekly (read more)
“Joseph Reid’s debut, Takeoff (2018), was a strong start to a noteworthy new series that fans of action thrillers should keep an eye on. This one’s just as good, maybe even better.”
—The Real Book Spy (read more)
“A very smart, timely, and exciting thriller. Packed with cutting-edge technology, Joseph Reid’s False Horizon will delight and captivate you from page one.”
—Simon Gervais, Bestselling Author of the Pierce Hunt Series
“There are no false steps in False Horizon, Joseph Reid’s riproaring thriller about killer drones, drug dealers, and techno-sleuth Seth Walker set in the mysterious hills of West Virginia. Buckle up!”
—Bryan Gruley, Bestselling Author of Bleak Harbor
“What works about Seth’s character development… is how well the author presents backstory and foreshadowing… This provides plausibility and trust without diverting from a constant forward motion in the plot. The combination makes for a solid series we can look forward to following…”
New York Journal of Books
“Joseph Reid’s second Seth Walker novel is a heart-pumping thriller filled with shootouts, close-quarters fighting, and aerial attacks.”
—Paul’s Picks (read more)


Seth Walker Book 3

The Amazon Charts bestselling series continues as air marshal Seth Walker hunts a potential terrorist who could hold the key to the darkest chapter of his own past.

When an electrical engineer from one of America’s premier tech companies disappears inside the San Francisco International Airport before an overseas flight, air marshal Seth Walker is called in to investigate. With the clock ticking down and questions multiplying at every turn, Walker can’t afford to fail: the lives of all two hundred thousand passengers inside SFO may hang in the balance.

As he races through crowded concourses, desperately searching for clues, Walker can sense this is no routine missing-persons case. But as he digs ever deeper into the young man’s background, the tangle of contradictions he finds is confounding. Is the engineer the victim of a crime…or the perpetrator of one?

As the case forces Walker to confront his own demons and the reason he fled his former life in industry, finding this man may mean exposing his own darkest secret.


Praise for DEPARTURE

“Joseph Reid delivers a Mach 3, edge-of-your-seat thriller with Departure. Strap in tight for a delightfully turbulent ride—Reid grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let go.”
—Steve Konkoly, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Ryan Decker series
Departure is the one-hundred-yard dash in book form. Joseph Reid fires the starter’s pistol on page one, sending Seth Walker and the reader on a delirious, lung-busting race to solve a mystery that ties together in a satisfying ending loaded with heart.”
—Matthew FitzSimmons, Wall Street Journal bestselling author
“. . . another hold-on-to-your-seat, don’t-even-try-to-put-it-down thriller. If you haven’t tried Seth Walker, you’re missing out.”
—Danielle Girard, USA Today bestselling author
Departure is sky-high entertainment. With barrel-roll plotting, an eye for detail, and a cast of characters flashing both brains and brawn, Joseph Reid’s latest Seth Walker adventure is one hell of a flight. Get on board now!”
—J. Todd Scott, author of the Texas Border series
Departure is a seriously thrilling ride! This action-packed techno-thriller starts with a bang and keeps the momentum going to the final page. Seth Walker is a fantastic hero, and Reid’s deft use of dual timelines ratchets up the tension all the way to the explosive conclusion.”
—Ellison Cooper, author of Buried