A funny thing happens when you publish your book: people start finding you.

Seriously, it’s great.  Before you publish, you’re very much in the habit of going out and contacting other people, but once you publish, people actually contact you, too.

One of the first people to contact me after TAKEOFF released was Mark Combs.  He sent me an email here through the site, explaining that he has a podcast called Public Display of Imagination, where he interviews authors about their books.  He couldn’t have been nicer in the message, and he wrapped up by asking me if I’d like to appear on his show.

Several minutes later, after I regained consciousness and picked myself up off the floor, I emailed back and said, “YES!”

To try and get ready, I went to Mark’s site and listened to several of his other episodes.  He’s had some terrific guests, like Brad Parks and Faye Kellerman, to the point where I double-checked to be sure actually wanted me on the show.  We taped the interview by phone a few days later.

While I was nervous starting out, it was a really, really fun time!  The hour flew by–Mark is a great, natural interviewer, and we had an easy, flowing conversation about TAKEOFF, my writing process, airline travel, and a bunch of other topics.  I hope you’ll give the episode a listen–it’s here.  Like any podcast, though, you can subscribe through iTunes and then get all the episodes automatically.  I’ve subscribed now, and I’d love to see Mark’s audience grow, given the terrific job he does.  I’m also going to connect Mark to some of my author friends, so I can hear them talk about their books and how they work their magic.

Hope you enjoy it!