Public Display of ImaginationFalse Horizon interview:
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Golden State Media ConceptsFalse Horizon interview:
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Chapter One PodcastFalse Horizon interview:
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Criminal ElementFalse Horizon Q&A:
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Public Display of ImaginationTakeoff interview:
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Meet the Thriller AuthorTakeoff Interview:
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Seth Meyers’ bit with Fred Armisen and Takeoff:


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Joseph Reid Departure False Horizon Takeoff

Short Bio

The son of a navy helicopter pilot, Joseph Reid chased great white sharks as a marine biologist before becoming a patent lawyer who litigates multi-million-dollar cases for high-tech companies. He has flown millions of miles on commercial aircraft and has spent countless hours in airports around the world. A graduate of Duke University and the University of Notre Dame, he lives in San Diego with his wife and children.

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