I wanted to save a very special “thank you” for today since it’s Thanksgiving Thursday, and literally it’s a thank YOU.

You, the readers.  Family, friends.  Co-workers and colleagues.  But also complete strangers.  Anyone and everyone willing to pick up TAKEOFF and give it a chance.  Thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart!

When I started doing this as a hobby, I told myself that I was doing it because I loved it and because it fulfilled me, so whether the books actually ever went anywhere or got sold didn’t really matter.  And that’s all 100% true.  But having TAKEOFF out in the world where people have actually read and appreciated it really, really makes it special.  The fact that people can see what I see in Seth Walker or the other characters, the fact you all pick up on things that I *didn’t* see when I was writing it, all of that adds a layer to the writing experience that’s totally different than just doing it for yourself.  It’s incredibly cool.

I’m so glad TAKEOFF could entertain you for a few hours.  To be able to give you some laughs, some chills–that’s really a special feeling, and a connection that I’ve enjoyed tremendously this year.  When I sit down and write a book, I try to think about what I’d enjoy reading, the twists and turns that would grab me, the action scenes that would captivate me and keep me turning pages.  Hearing from so many of you that those things worked, that you enjoyed them, that they kept you up late or carried you through a tough/boring/stressful time is just amazing.  The fact that you not only picked up the book and read it, but were willing to send me an email or post on FB or reach out through Twitter–it’s so incredibly thoughtful, it makes me beam from ear-to-ear.

So thank you!  I can’t say that enough for the privilege of getting to do this–it’s absolutely been a dream come true.  I hope all of you get to have a wonderful holiday today, and that you all know how much I appreciate each and every one of you!  Happy Thanksgiving!