As we close in on Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a series of posts (I’ll put them on Facebook, too) to say thank you to those who’ve made this year so incredible.
The first one goes to my fabulous editor, Liz Pearsons at Thomas & Mercer. Without Liz, I simply wouldn’t be here–period.  TAKEOFF never would have left the ground without her belief in me, and it soared the way it did thanks to her guidance and expertise.
I pinch myself every day that someone like Liz was willing to take a chance on a completely unknown like me. Every time I get to talk to her about a manuscript I’m incredibly nervous, but I’m also excited to hear what terrific ideas she has to make it even better. I’m incredibly lucky to have Liz in my corner, and I can’t thank her enough for what has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
As a reader, figuring out who edits which books isn’t always easy, but do yourself a favor and pick up the books Liz has worked on–they’re better for her presence. Just to name a few, go out and grab Bryan Gruley’s BLEAK HARBOR, Simon Gervais’s HUNT THEM DOWN, or Chad Zunker’s HUNT THE LION. They all have Liz’s fingerprints on them, which means they’re all spectacular reads.
Thank you, Liz, for everything!