In my last post, I promised a few recurring features, and here’s the first one: Food Court Friday!  

I end up spending a decent amount of time and money eating at airports.  Some meals are good, some are bad.  Some, you want to have every single time you go back through that city.  Here, I’ll do my best to give you the benefit of my experiences, so you can hopefully spare yourself some of the misses and just focus on the hits.

Since Austin–one of my favorite towns–features prominently in my novel TAKEOFF, I thought it would be appropriate to feature one of its airport restaurants for our first edition of FCF.  Maudie’s Tex-Mex–an actual local chain with several locations in & around Austin–is a food court-style booth near Gate 12.  I was there late morning, so I went for breakfast–in Austin, that usually means breakfast tacos.

I tried the “Pete’s Tantalizing Tacos.”  Overall, they were great: fluffy eggs; potatoes at just the right consistency–not too hard or soft, but rather that perfect level of doneness where they melt in your mouth; the onion gave it good crunch; the sausage was just the right amount of spicy.  If you don’t like spicy, though, you’re going to need to avoid this one–the serranos packed a pretty good punch.

The one knock I had against Maudie’s was the wait–I stood for 20 minutes waiting for my two tacos, but people who’d ordered before me had waited even longer.  At an airport, that kind of delay can be fatal.

Overall, though, I thought it was good food at a great value, so the next time you’re at Austin-Bergstrom, I’d give it a try.

If there are any particular airports or restaurants you’d like to see covered in future editions of FCF, don’t hesitate to shoot me a email here at the website or reach out on social media using the icons at the top of the page.  See you in the skies!